Increased Earnings Threshold 2021

On 8 February 2021, the Minister of Labour and Employment passed new regulations increasing the earnings threshold from R205 433.30 per annum to R211 596.30.  The new threshold […]

What to Do After TERS

It seems that the Department of Labour is not going to extend the Temporary Employee Relief Scheme (TERS), beyond June 2020, although many companies are not […]

Breaking News 2020/04/30

Department of Labour – TERS The Department of Labour has recognised that the manner in which they have been paying out the benefit for TERS is […]

New Regulations

TERS Regulations The TERS regulations were amended on 16 April 2020.  Essentially they have recognised that many employers have allowed employees to take annual leave during […]

BREAKING NEWS (2020/04/09):

The Department of Labour has amended the regulations with regard to the TERS Fund.  The amendments have clarified the following: Eligible companies can include those who […]