Connold & Associates realise that the quality and success of staffing, and related associates development, are fundamental to the quality and success of the organisation as a whole. We strive to ensure that the structure, level and type of organisation is appropriate for the services required by our clients.

Connold & Associates is proud to be associated with the following affiliate organisations:



PaymasterPaymaster is a payroll outsource company focused on superior quality service.

Paymaster is continually bringing in new value added services and cutting-edge technology.



Siyavuma ConsultingNadia Isaacs Nadia Isaacs holds a Bachelor of Social Science – Psychology degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources from the University of Cape Town. She worked previously as an Industrial Relation Consultant in a large FEDUSA-affiliated trade union within the financial sector for a number of years before starting an Industrial Relations Consultancy in Cape Town. She is a part-time commissioner and provides advice on all aspects of labour and employment relations, drafting contracts, policies and procedures, chairing disciplinary, appeal and grievance hearings, investigating disciplinary matters, drafting employment equity and skills development plans and filing reports, and assists with dispute resolution.



Select Strategy Inc: Performance Review & Management Software

Select StrategyThis simple, step by step online system enables an organisation to streamline the employee performance management process. This includes setting clear employee performance expectations, accurate and easier to complete performance appraisals, timely and dynamic goal setting processes and follow up, and benchmarking of performance. This facilitates more consistent and informed compensation decisions based on performance.

The system was designed and created to optimize ease of use and was created by an integrated team of experts including:

  • Industrial Psychologists to ensure that the system would integrate with an organization’s objectives and culture, and fairly reflect employee performance, optimize productivity and encourage personal development and growth.
  • A Business Strategy, Accounting and Financial team to ensure that the system would integrate with business objectives, measure performance accurately and include practical objective performance indicators and financial measures where required.
  • Human Factors Engineers to ensure that the logic of the system follows the workings of the human mind and sound psychological principles.
  • System Analysts and Programmers to create the application based on the team’s design specifications.
  • Technology Usability Experts to design and test the system interface for ease of use and efficiency.

Select Strategy Inc. is a management consulting and technology solutions firm that focuses on the strategy and human capability fields. The firm uses a scientific, practical and passionate approach to addressing client needs.