For many people, there has been a missed opportunity to learn the essence of successfully operating in the world today. The Life Skills Programme covers some of these essential skills and techniques that greatly enhance motivation and personal effectiveness. It’s everybody’s right!

Programme Accreditation

This Short Course is an accredited course with the SABPP (click here for accreditation status)

Programme Overview:

  • Employee Rights
  • Taking Charge of your career
  • Emotional Intelligence and goal setting
  • Personal Budgeting
  • Communicating in Business, Customer Service


  • Delegates will be guided to manage their finances more effectively and reduce the burden of debt
  • Delegates will gain insight into the importance of business professionalism and customer service
  • Enhance emotional intelligence and goal orientation

Target group:

  • Unskilled level of occupation, Semi-skilled level of occupation
  • School learners
  • First-time Supervisory Staff 
  • Employees Earning Below the Earning Threshold
  • Employees Earning Above the Earning Threshold

The programme is aimed at either those employees who earn above the earning threshold (senior employees) or those employees who earn below the earning threshold (entry level employees)

The cost of attending the public training programme is R 1 113.00 per day per delegate (excl VAT) and includes the venue, training material, refreshments and a light lunch. The programme is a 1-day training programme.

Rates for in-house specific programmes can be provided on request.

The training programme is accredited by the SABPP.

If you have any employees who you would like to attend this programme or have any questions regarding the details of the specific outcomes and modules covered, please contact us using the form below.