New Regulations

TERS Regulations

The TERS regulations were amended on 16 April 2020.  Essentially they have recognised that many employers have allowed employees to take annual leave during the lockdown.  They are now allowing such employers to claim the TERS benefit and when the UIF payment is made to the Company to then credit the employee for the leave taken proportionately.

We are urging all employers who have applied to contact us.  We have agreed with the Chief Inspector of UIF to be the communication hub for all our clients so that UIF has one point of contact if they have any queries.  The process for queries is for them to issue compliance orders and we want to streamline this process as effectively as possible.  If you want to be added to the list, please fill in the form below. 

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Disaster Management Act

Regulations for the Disaster Management Act were passed on 18th March 2020 (Regulation 318).  These regulations were amended on 25 March 2020 (Government Gazette 43148), 26 March 2020 (Government Gazette 43168), 1 April 2020 (Government Gazette 43199) and 16 April (Government Gazette 43232).  The document on the website combines all these regulations for ease of use. 


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