What To Do?

Many of our clients are asking advice as to what to do on Friday as staff are either wanting the day off or saying that they feel that they will have difficulty getting to work.

Some companies have made the decision to support the strike and are closing for the day, but for the rest our advice is:

  • Where possible allow the staff to take a day’s annual leave on condition that they apply in advance and that it is approved before Friday.
  • Ensure that essential services are covered and that those staff who are critical to the continuation of the business are made aware that they are not eligible for leave.
  • Those that do not apply for leave and then do not come to work must have an acceptable reason, alternatively, it should be treated as an unpaid day.

All strike action, whether for a protected strike or an illegal strike is on the basis of no work, no pay.

Our advice is that anyone who does stay away loses a day’s pay, but that this should not be treated as a disciplinary offence.  Much as we did in the stay aways in 1980.

If anyone would like wording for a notice for staff, please contact Debbie or Tessa at the office.

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