ABVAOn the 09th February 2009, the first of the official Accredited B-BBEE verification Agencies were announced by the dti.

ABVA (the Association of BEE Verification Agencies) (www.abva.co.za) welcomes the dti’s announcement of the first batch of accredited Verification Agencies. Both the verification industry and the business community at large have been waiting for this watershed moment.

ABVA, as the recognized Industry Body, and widely held to be the best indicator of credibility in BEE Certification maintains that this external accreditation process is essential in maintaining market confidence in verification scorecards produced by the industry. All full ABVA Members have applied to the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) for accreditation and therefore follow the approved and standardized methodology in their verification processes. Accreditation of Verification Agencies involves the Agency voluntarily opening their internal processes to external scrutiny by SANAS and the dti.

An approval in terms of this process indicates that the agency has complied with all material requirements of the R47-02 standard – a purpose built quality standard governing the principles on which Verification Agencies should operate – the dti methodologies, and the Codes of Good Practice.

Corporate Social ResponsibilityIt is important to note that although the dti has maintained the position that all BEE certificates with sufficient supporting evidence should be accepted as valid, a certificate from an accredited Verification Agency assures the user that it has been exactly prepared in terms of the dti methodologies, and that the process followed is in line with professional standards for delivery of verification services.

In time, and through implementation of Government procurement practice, accredited Agencies’ verification certificates will be the only true standard. In the meantime however, companies who choose to use full ABVA Members who have not yet been accredited can still be assured that the dti methodologies are being adhered to. All Full Members of ABVA listed on the ABVA website have applied for accreditation and are expected to receive accreditation in the near future.


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